Special Assistance at the Airport

Are you currently recovering from an injury, have a health condition that makes walking or ascending the stairs difficult? We’ve got you covered.

According to the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986, all US-based airlines must offer passengers with disabilities wheelchair transportation to and from their gates. Foreign airlines must offer similar assistance for flights going to and out of the United States. Conditions may vary for other countries yet they are mostly similar.

Planning your trip: 

  • Book flights on bigger planes if on-board assistance is needed. Bigger planes have more rows and therefore more aisle seats that can fit your needs
  • Call early. Even though wheelchair assistance is a condition that is added to your booking, the carrier needs time to properly organize this transfer
  • Make sure you arrive at the airport early. This is especially important during busy seasons as there will be lots and lots of other customers and long wait lines

Requesting help for special assistance

  • Contact us through Chat to select the required wheelchair from the below types:

–  You are able to walk short distances but cannot climb steps

–  You do not generally need a wheelchair, or only use a wheelchair for long distances, but are able to climb stairs

–  You use a wheelchair at all times and require assistance to move around in the aircraft cabin

  • Allow us up to 1h to process your request
  • Receive a confirmation to your inbox that the needed assistance has been requested with the carrier
  • Verify your Special Assistance arrangements before checking in