Payment processing

When you book through our website, you authorize us to act as your representative during the process when ordering services from the selected Travel Supplier. By doing so you also authorize us to make a payment for the above-mentioned products or services on your behalf, as required. We shall issue the ticket and charge you, according to the purchases.

You should provide us with all the necessary information for a successful booking. In case the information is inaccurate or the payment is processed with a credit card from a third person, we may require additional verification.

You may see multiple charges: “Fares” and “Taxes and Fees” for the travel services in the Total Amount quoted in your booking. The amount you are going to be charged will be displayed before your booking is confirmed by you.

If we encounter any issues while processing your payment, we will notify you. We are not liable for any subsequent price increase as a result of a payment failure. Any price increases are agreed upon with the Customer before the booking can be confirmed.

Gurufare will not be under any obligation to issue tickets before the payment process has been completed. You will receive your booking confirmation and electronic invoice via email to the address provided by you at the time of your booking.